Polski samojezdny żuraw terenowy REX 16

New - off-road crane REX 16, produced by the Polish company ZBUD Sp. z o.o. having vast experience in the production of lifting equipment. The crane has very good traction ability, 16 ton capacity, a four-section boom with a range of 16.5 m. Dimensions of the crane guarantee the easy transport over long distances, its own hydraulic driving system equipped with all steering wheels allows on easy movement around the construction site and access on short distances, as well as driving with a load. The system of efficient scissor supports enables quick leveling of the crane. The constant working characteristics in the 360 ° range. The wide standard and optional equipment makes it a great working tool for construction, energy and infrastructure companies as well as on storage and trans-shipment yards. Available for sale since the middle of 2018 year.                  

   Technical data                
   Lifting capacity [T]           16           
   Length of boom [m]  16,5
   Engine Perkins [kW]  75
   Drive system, two steering axles
   Length [cm]  590
   Width [cm]  258
   Height [cm]  320
   Max.traveling speed [km/h]  15
   Total mass [kg]  -
   Working pressure max. [bar]  180
   Safety device SCS SLI Gemini
   Additional equipment 
  • Mounting on automobile chassis
  • Assembly basket
  • Remote radio control
  • High voltage presence indicator IVN
  • Road or off-road tires
  • Cran_Rex_16
  • Cran_Rex_16_
  • Cran_Rex_16_1
  • Cran_Rex_16_3



                                                                                                         Maximum load - graph and table

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